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15 Day Trial + Lifetime $10/Month Pricing

Beta Pricing Expires June 30, 2019

Having a website can be overwhelming from the start.

When you do it all on your own you have to worry about security, updates that might break your site, what tools to use, hosting, compelling design and more.

All the confusing busy work takes away from time you could be spending on creating content that helps your audience. provides a turnkey experience that helps you consistently and effectively share your message. We handle all the care and support you need so you can focus on your ministry

Reach your audience and grow your platform without all the hassle that usually comes along with having your own website.

BB Test -- A Turnkey Site. With a Custom Feel.

We create our PastorBlogs sites with the same tools, care and support that go into every fully custom site we've ever built. It's not a simple template. It's a fully functional, well thought out and optimized website built just for church leaders.

1. Select Your Site

It only takes a few mintues to get your very own site!

When you click Get Started you'll be taken to our site setup area. This is where we take care of some of the particulars and automatically spin up your new website! 

Select a PastorBlogs turnkey template.

Give your new site a name and a starter URL.

Add your User information.


2. Add Your Own Content

Use our Page Builder to add content in minutes!

Starting a blog with excellence can be overwhelming, but with PastorBlogs you simply follow along step by step with our tutorial videos. 

We call it "turnkey" for a reason. It's like moving into a new house. Just paint the walls whatever color you want and add your furniture. Watch the video to get a sneak peak of your dashboard.

Easy to follow video tutorials

Simple page builder and dashboard to make changes a breeze.

Replace my colors, logos, and pictures with your own.

Replace my written content, blogs and events with yours.

3. Connect Your Own Domain

Easy Peasy.

After you've made the site your own and added a few blogs or events, its time to connect your domain. 

You may already have a domain, but if you don't, we recommend using Google Domains. *Hint* It's what we use in our video tutorial.

Connect your domain in two easy steps.

Follow our simple video tutorial.

If you hit a roadblock, we're just an email away!

img of pastor blogging
Kansas City, AR

Brandon Marler

The layout for design is amazing to navigate, making it easy to design, edit, and update our site in no time at all. Because of it's predesign, we were able to edit and add our content and have a live site in less than a day! The best choice for web design we've ever made.

Spend Less Time worrying about your website, and More Time building your ministry.

Pastor Centric

We're in ministry too! That gives us a leg up on making sure that our platform has tools that are focused on you and your ministry. 

Drag & Drop

Use our simple drag and drop page builder to change out our content with your own and use our saved templates to create pages of your own!

Turnkey Styling

We have a simple dashboard that lets you update your fonts, logos, colors, social media and contact info in a few clicks. No need to change them all one by one.

Content Driven

It's easy to create a post centered around audio, video, or your podcast. We want you to have options beyond just written articles to connect with your audience.

Build & Grow

We provide tools to grow your ministry and connect with your audience. Easily connect your website to an email provider like Mailchimp in just a few clicks.

Built In Events

If you're the conference or itinerant type we make it easy to add events to your itinerary & display them in style. We also have a built in 'Speaking Request' form that's ready to go!

Always Ready

Managed hosting at it's best! We handle everything on the backend from updates to security to backups so you never have to worry about it. Your website is always fast, optimized, and healthy.

Simple Dashboard

Your current dashboard may be a mess full of updates and notifications. We simplified everything so you only see what you want to see. This makes it easier to do the things you need to.

Great Support

Our video tutorials are easy to follow and we maintain everything on the backend, but if you get hung up trying to do something we have great (chat or email) support right in your dashboard.

Beta Pricing Expires June 30, 2019
You have questions?

We have Answers

We have a simple import tool and video tutorial that walks you through importing the posts on your current site to your PastorBlogs site.

Of course, if you hit a snag we'd be happy to get it done for you!

We get it! Every pastor at one point or another has been gung ho about starting a blog to help, disciple, inspire and coach. They do it all on their own and they’re pretty consistent for a few months. 

Then Easter happens and you’re playing catch up. Then a team member leaves and you have to pick up the slack until someone else steps in. Then you fall behind in sermon prep because of your back to school outreach. A new ministry starts and you now have another direct report.

Your blog is the first thing to take a back seat, and for one reason. We enjoy blogging and creating content but we haven’t made the transition from a ‘good idea’ to an ‘invaluable tool and resource.’ Finally you login after months to write and you get overwhelmed with a crowded dashboard, tons of update notifications, and it takes forever to load because your site isn’t optimized and you don’t know where to start and AHHH! IT”S NOT EVEN WORTH IT ANYMORE! And you log out till your next ‘gung ho’ stint begins next year. 

PastorBlogs can you you in a few ways:

  • A simple dashboard that lets you do what you need to do and not get bogged down in any details.
  • A private FB group of other church leaders that use PastorBlogs for you to be inspired by and *hopfully* encourage others with your own insight. 
  • Consistent communication from us that provides accountability, writing prompts, and suggestions for your next post. 
  • Tips and tricks to help you prioritize your content and become more of productivity ninja in general. 
  • We handle everything on the backend (hosting, security, updates, optimization) so you can give your attention to your content and your audience.

Tons of people think so. Our promise to you is that you’ll feel capable and confident using your website. Our entire toolset was chosen with church leaders (and volunteers) in mind. Simple, clean, professional and focused.

Being in ministry doesn’t just mean that we speak your language…it also means we know your frustration and pain points!

I started working with websites through my experience with a horrible church website as a staff pastor and my journey to make it better! Changing the simplest thing was a pain and the learning curve was ridiculous. It sparked a question in me: I wonder if I can help pastors and churches that are as frustrated as I was?  Since that I have spent 1000's of hours building custom websites for churches and ministries. 

The biggest piece of feedback I get from PastorBlogs users and from my custom clients alike is how easy it is to make the changes they need to make. I've spent years doing all the troubleshooting, learning curve-ing, hoop jumping, trial and error-ing and pulling my own hair out so you wouldn't have to. 🙂 Our tutorials are thorough. Our page builder and platform is top-notch and simple. And our support is fast and stellar. 


When you sign up you'll give your site a Title and a site URL. Think 

Once you login you'll be able to follow our tutorial to connect your domain to your pastorblogs site in just a few steps

If you need help, we're just a chat away! 

Great question! The simple answer? Strategy.

We believe that church websites should be focused on potential new visitors to plan their visit and church members to find sermons, events and so on. Essentially, church stuff. That's your audience.

And if you only blog on your church's website you are 1) limiting your content's reach to just who your church website reaches (visitors and church peeps) and 2) limiting how strategic you can be with your content and topics.

A church's blog should be strategically focused around church life and current endeavors, not the leadership blog you want to start or the coaching site for other church leaders. For example, we use our church blog during 21 Days of Prayer in January to push out content, prayer points and encouragement to our church during that season. 

PastorBlogs is separate from your church allowing both to be strategic and focused with the added benefit of allowing you to expand your audience beyond your church's members and visitors. 

Yes you're a church leader, but I bet there's stuff in you that doesn't make sense to just share on your local church site?

Maybe you want to help and coach other pastors? Maybe you're a staff pastor that wants to help others in your specific area? Maybe you want to focus on certain topics? Maybe you want to expand your ministry beyond your church? 

Whatever the reason, you have a voice that goes well beyond the reach of your local church and we want you to use that voice! 

15 Day Trial + Lifetime $10/Month Pricing

Here's what you'll get when you join.

  • A professional, turnkey website.

    Just move right in, paint the walls and add your own furniture. Once you sign up you can immediately begin changing out my stuff with your own simply by following our step by step video tutorials.

  • And end to your website frustration

    You're may be frustrated with all the moving parts of having a website. It can be confusing! Through PastorBlogs you'll move from being overwhelmed to having a beautiful, professional, frustration free website and being confident you can consistently reach people with life-changing content.

  • Care and Support that feels personal. Because it is.

    My mission in life is help equip and resource pastors and church leaders. I want to help you excel! My great hope is that through PastorBlogs you'll feel cared for, confident and finally have the recipe and platform to be consistent! 

  • All the stuff that goes into my custom sites.

    For $10 a month you're getting access to what I pay $2500 a year for. A curated, well thought out toolset that is focused on the ministry world. Some of these you'll use directly, like the page builder & base theme we've chosen. But most of these tools are there and running in the background to complement your experience. You'll never have to worry about them, but they make your website hum. 

Plus these awesome bonuses.

  • A private, members only Facebook group

    We value community! When you sign up you'll be invited to join our private Facebook group. It will become a place to share your insight, learn from other pastors, and stay encouraged + consistent! 

  • Discounts on courses

    As a founding member of PastorBlogs you will get a 50% discount on any courses we offer. Currently we are working on courses for SEO, how to get the most of Googles tools, a crash course on consistent blogging, and creating content that connects with your target audience. These courses will be offered on our site when they launch!

  • Free coaching and content

    Once we are through the 'beta' launch we will be working on helping you craft your content better (through blogs and the FB group), create 'done for you' email nurture campaigns for when people sign up via email, and much much more.

  • Founding member perks

    You get a few neat things by being a beta founder. We're still piecing together what those might be, but one big one is a bigger "cut" when we push out an affiliate program. 

Go beyond your pulpit?

We created PastorBlogs to help you expand your ministry and connect with your audience through consistent, life changing content.


Lifetime Pricing of $10/month

Turnkey Styling Options

Simple Drag & Drop Page Builder

Use your own domain

Unlimited Posts & Pages

Top Tier, Managed Hosting

Lead Capture Tools

Events Management

Online Forms

Import your current blog posts

Great support & video tutorials

Shape the platform in beta

15 Day Trial + Lifetime $10/Month Pricing
Beta Pricing Expires June 30, 2019

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