Let's Go!

Getting Started Checklist

We want to make sure that you're trial period sets you up for success, so we've broken down the steps you'll take to make your PastorBlogs site uniquely yours into bite size steps over the next few weeks. 


Change the Site's Appearance

From our dashboard we change the things that affect our entire site. Things like logos, colors, font choices, social media links. This takes about 10 minutes. We also point you towards resources to get a color palette and choose fonts to use for your site.

Replace Our Content

In this step we learn to use our intuitive page builder to replace the default PastorBlogs content with your content. Think written content (not blogs yet) and pictures. We also use the Edit Page area to change out the "featured image" of each page and edit the page descriptions and titles for SEO and social sharing.

Start adding blog posts

Now it's time to learn about the "meat and potatoes" of PastorBlogs. In this step you'll learn the different blogging capabilities that we have and get started on your own content. You'll also connect your website to a email provider such as Mailchimp to capture emails from visitors.

Add Your Events

For you itinerant and conference guys, you can follow along with this step to learn about adding events to your website. If you're not an 'event' guys, no worries. We'll also cover removing them from being visible on your site. 

Tweak Your Services & Forms

Many ministries center around helping other pastors and churches. We love that! If you're the coach or consultant type, take a little bit to square away your contact forms and services page. 

Connect Your Domain

In this step we'll walk you through connecting your domain to your PastorBlogs account. We'll also handle some low-key SEO and Site Admin settings. 

Do the Nerd Stuff

Now that your site is live, let us help you connect your Google Analytics account and Google Search Console. These are two simple steps that will let you see who's visiting your blog and make sure your website is talking to Google correctly. 

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