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Replace Our Content

In this step we learn to use our intuitive page builder to replace the default PastorBlogs content with your content. Think written content (not blogs yet) and pictures. We also use the Edit Page area to change out the "featured image" of each page and edit the page descriptions and titles for SEO and social sharing.

Page Builder Overview

Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the page builder. In this tutorial I give you a bird's eye view of the Page Builder and how it works. 

Grid Based System

Front end, drag and drop builder.

Learn about Rows > Columns > Modules.

Replacing My Content with yours

This tutorial teaches you how to change my pictures and words with your own using the Page Builder. 

*Remember, the colors/fonts/logo is controlled in the Appearance tab from the Dashboard.

We always recommend using pictures that highlight your ministry and such, but there are always times to use stock photography right? 

Here are a few places that we get free and premium photos to use on our websites.


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